"Oh Hiya I'm Faline, Faline Valirie Doe, You can just call me Fal though." She tilts her head and gets a wide smile. "Who are you?"

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painting time? or bathtime? - Drabble

Faline padded through the house grabbing her un-opened art packets and a clean canvas. She walked back into her Art room. When she first saw the room she was utterly happy and suprised at the same time. Attina had given it to her for an early Christmas present after they got back from their trip. She loved the room. It was beautiful with a lot of big windows showing off the wooded area that was close to the house and all of the outdoors that Faline would need to keep her inspration to begin painting. She opened the wrapping’s off of the white canvas and placed her new brushes in a soon to be very messy cup. Placing the canvas onto the easel she pursed her lips. “What to do..” She mumbled, lightly tapping her fingers on her hip. Her thinking was intrupted by a long, loud, meow. ‘Mrroowww!’ Her head darted to the author of the yowl and found Leelee. “What?” She said to the kitten. “Are you hungry or something?” The cat blinked at her and sat down. Faline sighed and turned back to the blank canvas trying to come up with something to paint. ‘Mrrooww’ she heard a second time, this time a clanking sound acompanied the meow and ‘BANG’. She whipped her head around to see what fell and found a blue cat on the floor. Fur splattered with fresh paint. “Lee!!” Faline made her way to the kitten kneeling down to pick up the cat Faline was careful not to step in the fallen paint. Lee on the other hand had blue paws and fur. Stunned the cat sat there and let Faline pick her up. “You are just a little pain, you know?” She said to the cat with a small laugh. The cat blinked a few times in the girls arms and tilted her head. “You know what this means don’t you?” The cat froze. “You. My furry friend are getting a nice bath.” Faline giggled and the kitten tried pawing its way free of the girls grasp making colored paw prints on Falines skin. “Oh no no no. Not this time Lee.” She saw Momma sitting in the entrance of the room, looking amused. “Momma isn’t going to help you ether little one.” She said. Carrying the small, painted kitten of to the bathtub to hopefully, get all of the paint off of him.